An exterior wall is about all you need to take advantage of a ductless mini- or multi-split system.  There’s no major disruption to your home, no patching, painting, or giant mess caused by the installation of ductwork.  Invisible installation of a ductless system requires only a mere three-inch hole in the wall for the conduit.  The outdoor compressor unit also supplies power to the indoor unit, eliminating the need for additional indoor wiring.  Inverter technology allows the system to provide the ideal temperature, automatically adjusting speed to respond to the changing requirements within the home and only using the energy that’s needed at any given time. Since ductless cooling units draw less power than conventional air conditioners, you benefit from outstanding efficiency.  And when the experienced professionals from Sunbelt Service Pros handle your installation project, we provide the recommendations, workmanship, and quality products you need to enjoy optimum comfort, cost-savings, and long-term satisfaction.  We complete new installations, replacement, service, and 24/7 repair promptly and accurately, allowing our valued customers in most Of Moore County & The Sandhill Area to relax in uninterrupted comfort.

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Along with the exceptional efficiency of ductless models, the configuration options also promote greater savings.  By targeting specific areas for heating or cooling, you’re not investing in the conditioning of rooms that are not being used.  Because units can be controlled individually, rooms can be set to accommodate personal preferences.  And since circulation is confined within an enclosed space, cross-contamination of air between rooms is prevented.  An effective filter in each indoor unit ensures that your ductless air conditioner or heat pump delivers cleaner, healthier air in the rooms where they are installed.  You can also rely on your ductless heat pump to live up to your comfort demands, even in the most extreme weather conditions, providing year-round temperature control.  The Toshiba Carrier Residential Series Ductless achieves up to 23 SEER, 10.0 HSPF, and with operational sound as low as 26 decibels, can be operated in any space or situation without disruption.  Five-speed fan, wireless remote, variable-speed compressor, and enhanced summertime dehumidification are some of the many outstanding features.

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As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Sunbelt Service Pros remains current with product development, installation/service procedures, and state-of-the-art technology. Our technicians continue factory training, are certified for the safe handling of refrigerant, and are licensed with the state of North Carolina.  We rely on genuine Factory Authorized parts when applicable and stand behind every installation with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  Through extensive in-field experience and meticulous workmanship, we ensure consistent operation, dependability, and maximum efficiency.  Whether you’re looking for the installation, replacement, service, or repair of a ductless HVAC system, Sunbelt Service Pros provides solutions that measure up to your most exacting demands.  Don’t let the weather dictate the comfort of your home.  For any type of heating or cooling challenge, contact the professionals from Sunbelt Service Pros.  We deliver affordable and rewarding solutions to homeowners across Aberdeen, Pinehurst, Southern Pines, West End, Seven Lakes & Whispering Pines, NC.